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Lifeproof your iPhone.

And look forward when walking forward. Today I started my car to defrost the windshield so I could see where I was going. Then I forgot about it for about an hour while I worked on the computer, warm inside my house. When I left for my meeting I was surprised to see...

Get Buried & Be OK.

A pile of leaves is an opportunity to live joyfully. And so is the pile of work on the desk, the laundry, and the dishes. We may choose to feel buried under all the necessary tasks of the day, or we can choose to feel joyful. It really is that simple. The challenge...

Today is the Best Day.

Always. I woke early to the tickle of Jack’s whiskers brushing my right eyelid; he has no respect for my personal space. Atticus’ right leg was draped across my left; the blanket wrapped around and under me was pulled over his far shoulder. For a moment I...

Outhouses Are Not For Everyone.

Gratitude is. On Sunday morning I used a composting outhouse with separate heads for poo and pee. Monday I drank a Bloody Mary out of a real glass in First Class on a flight to my home in Montana. Stepping out of our comforts and familiar environments to experience...
Cala Luna, Costa Rica

Build a Home Practice

Build a Home Practice.

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Svastha Yoga Institute

Svastha Yoga Institute

Based on the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, Svastha Yoga offers an authentic and personal approach for addressing all aspects of health and well-being.

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Add Essential Olis to Your Daily Practice

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