The Road Ahead.

Montana_White Road Ahead Winter2014

Mountains carve a solid boundary between the light of the sky and the dirt of the earth.

We may not see it.

But it is there.

Explore the lines.

Follow the curves of our bodies as we shift from entangled movement to stillness.

Watch each other closely.

See past form and gesture to spirit.

We move.

We move whether we want to or not.

Even in stillness we move.

We are carried on the current of our breath until even it leaves our bodies behind.


The road ahead is blank, washed in white.

Decide what colors to add.

Choose the bold or the subtle.

Let the light in or dip in darkness.

Become intimate with discomfort.

Sit with it.

Don’t cling—just be.

There is wisdom to be found in our stillness and our silence.





“You are so brave and quiet, I forget you are suffering.”
~ Ernest Hemingway


Photo: I shot this on 12.29.14 in the Highwood Mountains of Montana. I am grateful the road ahead has been marked by those who went before me. There is no need to feel fear.

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